T & T Delivery Services, LLC is now a premier delivery services company in Anchorage, AK.  Established in the 70s, the original company languished for decades under the management of its founder.  Last year, 2016, Terrell Walker and his brother Toronzo purchased the company and committed to bringing it back to life.  The brothers saw the opportunity to reconnect with an existing client base by modernizng the service delivery and improving the client experience. Our commitment to T&T Delivery is is providing them the growth capital and the constant support to remain on track.  











GSD Services, LLC is a luxury client concierge service based in Austin, TX.  After years of building an exclusive clientele of high net worth individuals, Liz Stotts created GSD Services in 2016 to build a team that would help better serve her growing client base.   GSD needed to create an infrastructure, hire and train staff, and manage operations to maintain high the quality of the client experience.  Capital infusion was also required.  Our commitment to GSD Services is to continue to show its management the possiblities around the obstacles.










Pablo Pequeno Photography, Inc. sells and produces a wide range of photography services, from the commercial to the artistic, in the Austin, TX area. Pablo Pequeno is one of the most exclusive photography studios in the Austin metro area. Pablo Pequeno's biggest achievement in 2016 was the success of their social media campaigns. Revenues increased by multiples in under a 12 month period. The group is currently in search of a bigger studio to accomodate its growing list of projects and clients.














"After struggling for years to extract our financial goals from all the hard work we put into GSD, I brought Dom in to help us reorganize our operation, grow our team and improve our profits.  He not only gave us a blueprint and toolbox, but he also worked alongside our team until we achieved our goals.”

 – Liz Stotts, President, GSD Services, LLC

Dom was instrumental and key to help Toronzo and I not only in finding and evaluating the many business opportunities we were considering, but also in developing and executing a very specific plan of action to make the deal work for us.  In Dom we found a partner who remains a steadfast support as we grow our company.”

 – T. D. Walker, CEO, T&T Delivery Services, LLC

“Dom was our answer to an operation that was growing out of control without showing us a profit! This is pure magic.” - Founder, Pablo Pequeno Photography, Inc.