Free Business Analysis

“What am I doing wrong in my business and how do I fix it?”


Business Startup

"I’ve a great idea, product or service, what do I do now?”


Business Turnaround Projects

“My performance trends are not so good, how do I turn that around?”


Micro Financing

“We need capital, where do we get it from and how do we start the process”


Financial controls

“We don’t know how well we are performing because we are not using our accounting system correctly.”


Business Development

“Where do we find new clients and how do we bring them to our business.”


Sales Training

“We have a great product/service, we know where the market is, but we can’t close the sales.”


Business Coaching

“I’ve got a great business, but my management/leadership skills are lagging, can you help me?”


CEO Roundtables

"Where do I find a group of business owners to exchange ideas with, and discuss relevant issues with?”



Exit Strategies

“I am ready to exit the business, where do I start?”


Retirement planning

“Do you have any kind of retirement plan ideas that work specifically for a small business owner?”

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  • 1 hr

    Project Fees Applies